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Welcome to Shogun Tools!
We offer free shipping Australia-wide on orders of >$200.

Please note that we'll take a break from 10 May to 29 May 2023! All orders we receive the above period will be shipped out after our return. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience caused. 

Happy Gardening & Happy Cooking!


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Made in Japan handmade carving knives se

Wood work


Kate, July 2019 

Razorsaw Handsaw - Medium

Bought at 2018 QLD Garden Expo - Fabulous for trimming Bamboo. Stays sharp and we are so glad to have found it. All their products are good - we bought more this year!!

Vicki, July 2019

Kitchen Knife - Unique Damascus

I purchased at last QLD Garden Expo and use it all the time. Best knife I have ever used - would recommend it to anyone.

Kathryn, July 2019

Kudo Secateurs

The most valuable tool in my garden. I am so pleased that I invested in quality Japanese shears. They haven't let me down. I love them.

John, July 2019 

Kudo Secateurs & Tool Sharpner

The best products at the show (2018 QLD Garden Expo)

Steve, July 2019

Kudo Secateurs

Best tools ever - Had one for years and use it nearly every day. No sharpening since I bought it and no spring to screw up.

Rebecca, March 2019

Kudo Secateurs Type B & Tool Sharpner

Shogun's Master Craftspeople bring much quality, pride and presence into their work, evidenced in their secateurs and steel sharpener, that I use in my work as a Horticulturist.

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