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Range of beautiful Japanese kitchen knives from Seki-city Gifu, Miki-city Hyogo and Sanjo-city Niigata.

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Range of secateurs, saws, sickles, and more!

Made in Japan handmade carving knives se

Wood work

New product range - wood working tools. Still small selection but we're keen to expand. 


Kate, July 2019 

Razorsaw Handsaw - Medium

Bought at 2018 QLD Garden Expo - Fabulous for trimming Bamboo. Stays sharp and we are so glad to have found it. All their products are good - we bought more this year!!

Vicki, July 2019

Kitchen Knife - Unique Damascus

I purchased at last QLD Garden Expo and use it all the time. Best knife I have ever used - would recommend it to anyone.

Kathryn, July 2019

Kudo Secateurs

The most valuable tool in my garden. I am so pleased that I invested in quality Japanese shears. They haven't let me down. I love them.

John, July 2019 

Kudo Secateurs & Tool Sharpner

The best products at the show (2018 QLD Garden Expo)

Steve, July 2019

Kudo Secateurs

Best tools ever - Had one for years and use it nearly every day. No sharpening since I bought it and no spring to screw up.

Rebecca, March 2019

Kudo Secateurs Type B & Tool Sharpner

Shogun's Master Craftspeople bring much quality, pride and presence into their work, evidenced in their secateurs and steel sharpener, that I use in my work as a Horticulturist.

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