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Kudo Shears & Yamagata Uchi-Hamono (Hand-forged tools)

This spring, we made our way to Japan to start businesses with several new suppliers we have been trying to get contacts with. One of them is Kudo Shears.

We started using secateurs from Kudo Shears a few years ago after some professional Japanese gardeners said how they were happy about the quality of the products as they’re heavy duty and keep an edge for a long time.

The history of blacksmithing in the region is considered to go back to over 600 years when Kaneyori Shiba (an ancestor of the Mogami family who later reigned over the region), came to the area with his blacksmiths to forge swords and farming tools.

In the Edo period, Yoshimitsu Mogami (1546-1614) set up a town for blacksmiths and took special care to provide a good environment so they could produce excellent quality Samurai tools. Upon receiving the government’s protection, blacksmiths in this region forged a range of products and improved their quality over generations. Time has passed but Yamagata is still known to produce quality blacksmithing products.

Kudo Shears owner, Seiichi Kudo is a second generation blacksmith who started his 55+ year career upon graduating high school. He succeeded his workshop and craft from his grandfather. Mr Kudo’s long service and contribution to keep the regional tradition of blacksmithing alive has been recognised and he has received multiple awards. In fact, his secateurs have been selected as gifts for the Mayor to present when he goes on overseas trips.

However, since starting his career he has seen his city change. Workshops closing and new residential development leading to noise related restrictions on existing workshops. With restrictions limiting the time and volume that can be worked as well as the difficulty in finding experienced workers (a blacksmith would only be considered to know the basics after 10 years!), Kudo-san and other regional businesses have found it hard to keep up production.

The current environment might not be ideal, but Kudo-san’s passion has not faded and he continues producing high quality products. He has recently even released a new range of secateurs with cushion spring designed for heavy users such as orchard farmers and professional gardeners. .

We’re excited to show Aussie gardeners his products and are proud to have them available through Shogun Tools.

For new products from Kudo Sheers, please visit


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