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Our Market Launch at Queensland Garden Expo

We had our official Shogun Tools market stall launch at this years Queensland Garden Expo of 13 to 15 July, at the Nambour Showgrounds.

While we have been selling Japanese tools online for sometime, we finally decided to jump in the deep end and take this next step. We thought it would be nice if we can take our products to market so people can try them out , see who are the faces behind Shogun Tools and ask questions directly about the tools, their uses and manufacturers.

Having never done a market stall like this before it was a big decision to launch at such a large 3 day event, we were a bit nervous coming up to the show but were confident in the quality of the products and feedback we’d received from previous sales so we jumped in and had a fantastic three days! It was great to meet so many nice people and be able to share our knowledge and experience of our tools. Even Jerry Coleby-Williams from Gardening Australia dropped by to pick up a weeding sickle!

The comments and enquiries we received were most appreciated and we’ll be reflecting on the feedback to improve our business and product range (in fact, left handed weeding sickles are coming soon!)!

If you are looking for any Japanese garden tools, please let us know as we might be able to help. And if you picked something up from us at the expo we hope you’re enjoying your new investment and we’d love to hear feedback from you.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely week :)

Maki from Shogun Tools

Shogun Tools with Jerry Coleby-Williams at QLD Garden Expo 2018
Shogun Tools meets Jerry!

Shogun Tools - Market launch at QLD Garden Expo 2018
Maki & Alex from Shogun Tools :)

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