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Types of Secateurs - What's type B, A and F?

We have a good range of secateurs from Kodo Shears and Onoyoshi Hamano from Japan. Both blacksmiths make type A, B and F and we are often asked what's the difference. Here is some general ideas; however every blacksmith puts their own touch.

Type B

- Japanese standard secateurs type with clam shape, thicker top blade;

- The blade direction is parallel to the handles;

- Handle is gently curved and is almost symmetrical

Type F

- The shape is influenced by European type secateurs;

- Blade thickness is similar to Type B;

- The top blade is angle down in relation to the handles;

- The handle shape is more curved than A or B type;

- Users of Western-style secateurs might find F type more familiar

Type A

- The top blade is thinner than Type B and slightly longer;

- Heavier compared to Type B or F;

- The handle is more curved on top side which helps to grip further from the blades;

- The blade angle is almost in the middle of Type B & F


KUDO Secateurs - Type B, A and F (from left)

ONOYOSHI Secateurs - Type B, A, and F (from left)


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