A set of Aogami Blue Paper Steel 'Santoku' & 'Nakiri' Japanese kitchen knives from Seki City, Gifu Japan. 


Santoku is a multi-purpose Japanese knife and Nakiri is a knife used for vegetable cutting. Each knife comes in seperate box. 


The blade is made with two different steels; Centre is Aogami (Blue Steel) which keeps the sharp edge for long and is easy to sharpen and sides are stainless steel for easy maintenance. Handle is of laminated timber.


Aogami is carbon steel so wash immediaately after use and towel dry to prevent the blade rusting.


As with all quality knives, we advise against putting in the dishwasher. To prolong the sharp edge store your knife in a sheath, knife block or magnetic knife rail as opposed to loose in a drawer where the edge may be dulled by coming into contact with other utensils.




  • Material: Aogami (Blue Paper Steel) & Stainless Steel


    Santoku Knife

    Full Length: 295mm

    Blade Length: 165mm

    Weight: 147g


    Nakiri Knife

    Full Length: 290mm

    Blade Length: 160mm

    Weight: 160g

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