In the old days when machine tools weren't available, Japanese farmers used hand sickles to remove all the weeds in their field.

Takemoto Sickle Mfg's history goes back to 1912. Currently 4th genration carries the family tradition.


Unlike usual serrated sickle, the unique feature of this sickle is serrated at the back side of the blade ('Urame' means back side and 'Nokogama' means serrated sickle in Japanese). Being serrated on the back side means that you can sharpen it from front side like a usual straight blade sickle.  

This sickle is designed to use in a sitting position and hold it by right hand to cut grass above or just below the surface of the soil. It can also be used as a harvesting sickle.


As the blade is sharp, it is highly recommended you wear garden gloves and long thick fabric shirts & pants when you use. Please store it in a safe place, keeping out of reach from children.



  • Material: Carbon Steel

    Handle Length: 240mm

    Blade Length: 170mm

    Blade Thickness: 1.6mm

    Weight: 113g

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