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High-quality Camellia (Tsubaki) oil by Kurobara Honpo Japan, which has been specialised in camelia oil production since 1923.


Camellia oil is a natural non-drying, tasteless and odourless product used to lubricating kitchen knives and steel tools. It is perfect for blade maintenance on carbon steel products. As it doesn't dry out, it prevents carbon blade from rusting if you store it unused for a long time.


Take a small amount of oil on cloth and apply it on the blade to cover the carbon steel. When you use the blade again, wipe the oil off before use.


It may also be used as a fine grade, low temperature machine oil to lubricate things like sewing machine parts.


We recommend to keep the inner cap on when you're not using it to prevent from potential leakage. 


Please note that the grade of this oil not suitable to apply to skin or for cooking.




SKU: MaintT
  • Amount: 100ml


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