This set includes:

  • ‘Kiridashi’ (skew angled) knife
  • Flat knife
  • Gouge knife
  • Two small hinoki Japanese cypress timber blocks for making teaspoons
  • Two small (75mm x 115mm) sanding papers (#80 / #800)
  • Timber box
  • Instruction how to make a spoon


The perfect set for those who want to get into hand carving and spoon making by Michihamono from Miki City, Hyogo Japan. Their tools are highly regarded by both hobby carvers and professionals including Buddhism statue and traditional timber mask (Nomen) artists.


The three knives are 9mm of the width (blade), made of Japanese carbon steel, Aogami (Blue Paper) No.2 which is easy to sharpen and have good edge retention and have 145mm long timber handles.


Included carving knives:

  • Kiridashi is used to make large cuts. Also the edge is used for detailed work.
  • Flat knife is used to shave the wood surface or smooth out grooves made after carving with a different type of carving knife. Both the front and back of the blade can be used.
  • Gouge knife is used to remove the timber for the scooped parts of the spoon.


Please note that it gets rusty if you leave them in wet as it's carbon steel.

The carving knives are very sharp so handle with care and keep out of reach from children.





SKU: Michi-S1
  • Carving Knives

    Blade material: Aogami Blue Paper No 2 carbon steel

    Blade Width: 9mm

    Blade Length: 30mm

    Handle Material: Japanese white birch

    Total knife length: 175mm

    Weight: Knives 20-24g/each, set total - 225g

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