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This unique style of knife is specially designed for cutting frozen foods (including meat, seafood and vegetables). The double handled design makes the task safer and easier on your hands than using a conventional kitchen knife. The blade material is also specifically chosen to handle the cutting of hard products without chipping. In fact, it is used at the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo for this very reason!


By semi-freezing food you can shave slices of uniform width such as is found in things like Korean BBQ beef. It is also great for portioning out bulk purchases after they are frozen (such as dividing mince).


Along with meats, it is also great for cutting hard fruits and vegetables like pumpkin safely.


We also find it makes a great pizza chopper and can be used for mincings and dicing nuts.


The best technique for use is to hande both handles securely and to cut down vertically using a slight rocking motion (pictures and videos coming soon).


The knife comes with wooden case for safe storing.



SKU: 101
  • Material: S55C Steel

    Full Length: 490mm

    Blade Length: 270mm

    Weight: 385g

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