A Japanese style folding grafting knife / utilityl knife made with Aogami (Blue Paper) Carbon Steel. It is a product made by Fujiwara Kogatana (Kogatana means small knife in Japanese).


The blade is a single edge and is designed to be used by right-handed users. The front blade has hammered patterns.


The blade locks into the open position for added safety.


Aogami steel is a carbon steel by Hitachi Metal and keeps a sharp edge long and you can sharpen easily. You should wipe down immediately with a cloth when the blade gets a contact with water/liquid to prevent from getting rusty. Apply WD40 or oil such as camelia oil / vegetable oil. 


About Fujiwara Kogatana - Founded in 1927, this company has always been specialised in hand-forged small knives. The third generation is the current owner, Yasuhiko who has been accredited as a master of Japanese traditional crafstmanship.



  • Material: Aogami (Blue Paper) Carbon Steel

    Full Length (in open position): 228mm

    Length (in closed position): 138mm

    Blade Width: 27mm

    Weight: 80g

  • If your product is faulty, please let us know within 7 days after receipt of the product. If the problem is major, we will exchange the product. If the problem is minor and repairable, we will repair and return. If we cannot repair in a reasonable time, you can have a choice of refund or replacement.

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