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This 300mm Razorsaw handsaw from Gyokucho Japan.

It comes with a hard plastic sheath and belt loop and comes in three different blade size - Extra Large, Medium and Fine. 


Good thing of this saw is you can change blade of different teeth size of this Razorsaw if you already have a handle. If you are a professional and charge by hour you might want several handles but if you are a home-gardener and don't mind changing the blade, this would save some storage space and money.


Check out our videos of three cut method of using this saw and how to change blade.


Extra Large: Suitable for Green wood pruning, trimming, fruit tree

Medium: Suitable for green wood pruning, trimming, fruit tree and bamboo

Fine: Bamboo, fruit tree (it gives a very fine cut)


Store in a sheath and keep out of reach from kids.



SKU: 008
  • Material: Stainless Steel

    Full Length: 465mm

    Blade Length: 300mm


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