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Rust eraser 'Kesu Pika' is a PVC block impregnated with abrasive grit. You can use it to remove light rusts on blades such as scissors, secateurs, knives.



Please note

1. do not use on surface which gets scratches easily such as glass, plastic or highly polished knives

2. wear gloves when you use it on sharp edges

3. keep out of reach of kids

4. this is only for light rusted surface



SKU: TS204
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 20mm

    Ingredients: Almina oxidised, PVC


  • If your product is faulty, please let us know within 7 days after receipt of the product.


    Product of $50 or less: We will exchange the product.

    Products of over $50: If the problem is major, we will exchange the product. If the problem is minor and repairable, we will repair and return. If we cannot repair in a reasonable time, you can have a choice of refund or replacement.

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