Bonsai tool set of 10 pieces from Kikuwa, Niigata Japan.


This set includes:

- Satsuki (bonsai) scissors (large) 

- Stainless bonsai folding saw 

- Bonsai brush

- Bud shears ('Metsumi basami')

- Rust cleaner - to use for tool maintenance

- Branch cutter ('Mata-eda kiri') (large) 

- Professional wire cutter (large) 

- Bonsai pilers ('Yattoko') 

- Stainless tweezers black 

- Stainless bonsai rake (4 nails)


Kikuwa - Bonsai Set 10pc

SKU: Kikuwa2398
  • Material: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel 

    Weight: 1230g



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