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Tool set of 6 pieces for small bonsai from Kikuwa, Niigata Japan.


This set includes:

- Satsuki (bonsai) scissors - to trim branch of up to 3mm

- Brach cutter 'mata-eda kiri' - to flush cut branches

- Wire cutter - to cut alminium wire (up to 2.5mm) / copper wire (up to 1.6mm)

- Bonsai Pilers 'Yattoko' - to use to bend wire to apply to or remove from tree branches when you shape bonsai 

- Bonsai rake (four nails) - to remove soil gently to prevent root damage at replanting. Flat part is to use as soil / moss tamper.



Kikuwa - Small Bonsai 6pc Set

SKU: Kikuwa2996
  • Material: Carbon Steel

    Weight: 590g


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