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Yamagata style handmade carbon steel Long-nose Mekiri (Pruners) by Kudo Shears.


This type of pruners are especially popular among rose growers. The blades have almost same thickness with Kudo secateurs but slightly longer, which make easier to prune dead flowers and new side shoots in crowded areas.   


The pair of pruners comes with a genuine leather pouch, a spare spring and a box. If you don't need a pouch, please select 'No pouch' from the option.


Kudo Shears is run by Kudo family and has continued for 80 years, succeeding the 660 years' reginal blacksmithing techniques of Yamagata Prefecture. Kudo-san Snr has been pruducing long-lasting tough secateurs for 55 years and has received multiple awards for his creations. His seccies are loved by garden professionals, orchard workers and flower growers. His son is currently working with him to prepare for succeeding this workshop in the future.


Note: If your secateurs are left wet, or exposed to water then rust may develop. We advise that you wipe down your secateurs and spray with a lubricant such as Camellia oil,  WD40 or INOX at the end of each day’s use and store in a pouch.


  • Materials: HCC

    Weight: 205g (each pair has some differences due to being handmade)

    Full length: 205mm
    Blade length: 64mm

  • If your product is faulty, please let us know within 7 days after receipt of the product. If the problem is major, we will exchange the product. If the problem is minor and repairable, we will repair and return. If we cannot repair in a reasonable time, you can have a choice of refund or replacement.

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