The Hori hori tool is a useful general gardening and foraging tool. Hori means to dig in Japanese and this tool is widely used in Japan for wild harvesting of mountain vegetables.


The Hori-hori tool can be used in three ways -  the pointed end for digging, one side of the blade is serrated making it handy when dividing bulbs / rhizomes and the other side is semi-sharp to cut ropes, roots and stems. This stainless hori hori is also a handy tool to take to camping. 


This hori hori has very sharp edge and is mirror finished. Handle is shaped to fit into your hand, specialised by its manufacturer Asano Mokko whose origin is in wood carving and handle making and now creates handy tools with local blacksmiths. 


It comes with a sheath which is made of synthetic leather for carrying around and storage. 


Store in a sheath and keep out of reach from kids.



  • Material: Stainless Steel

    Full Length: 310mm

    Blade Length: 175mm

    Blade Width: 45mm (at widest part)

    Weight: 217g

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