Sanjo Yoshimune Santoku 160mm by Kawamura Hocho Seisakujo from Niigata, Japan.


Shirogami No.1 is a type of Japanese carbon steel produced by Hitachi Metals. This steel type contains minimal impurities but added carbon, whose quality is close to Tama-hagane which is the steel traditionally used for Japanese swords. Only skilled blacksmith can deal with this type of steel because of its difficult tempering process.


Mr Kawamura started working at his father’s workshop at age of 25 and has a career of 40 years, being the fourth generation of the family of blacksmithing. His current creations are processed mostly only by himself.


Santoku is a multi-purpose knife, suitable for meat, fish and vegetables. 


This particular knife has a double edged blade but the handle shape is designed for right handed users.


As with all High Carbon steels, Shirogami requires care otherwise is more prone to rust than stainless steel. A technique called San-Mai is used to protect the Shirogami core by sandwiching it between layers of stainless steel.


As like other quality Japanese knives, wash immediately after use and towel dry immediately. Shirogami is known for easy sharpening and holding a super sharp edge.


If you don’t use it for long time, apply a vegetable oil on the blade surface, wrap in newspaper and keep it in dry area. Do not leave it in a knife rack for a long time without using as the handle gets too dried, resulting in the blade coming off.


Good for: Slicing, Carving, Chopping. General purpose

Not Good for: Cleaving



SKU: KS-01
  • Blade Material: Shirogami (White Paper) No.1, Stainless steel

    Full Length: 305mm

    Blade Length: 160mm

    Weight: 118g

    Handle Material: Timber

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