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Damascus kitchen knife with 33 layers by Shizu Hamono Co Ltd, Seki City, Gifu Japan. Blade is made of AUS8 and SUS1A-1, which keep the edge sharp longer. Handle is made of laminated wood and is specially designed to fit in a hand.


Gyuto stands for 牛(Gyu)which means Cow and 刀(To)which means Blade. Although the name infers it is a knife for carving beef the Gyuto is a multi-purpose kitchen knife. Similar to the all purpose Santoku but with a narrower, pointier tip and more pronounced curve on the belly of the blade like a European chef knife. You can use it for meat, fish and vegetables.


Gyuto is perfect for professional, semi-professional and keen cooks. It's a double edged knife so is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.


240mm blade is perfect especially if you slice large pieces of meat.


Good for: Slicing, Carving, Chopping. General purpose

Not Good for: Cleaving



SKU: SM-1053
  • Blade Material: AUS 8 / SUS1A-1

    Full Length: 372mm

    Blade Length: 240mm