Damascus kitchen knife with 33 layers by Shizu Hamono Co Ltd, Seki City, Gifu Japan. Blade is made of AUS8 and SUS1A-1, which keep the edge sharp longer. Handle is made of laminated wood and is specially designed to fit in a hand.


Santoku stands for 三(San)which means Three and 徳(Toku)which means Benefit. As the name represents, the Santoku knife is used for cutting meat, fish and vegetables. Santoku usually has slightly deeper blade and a flatter 'belly' on the blade compared to Gyuto (though it depends on the blacksmith). The deep flat blade is very useful for quick chopping actions and prevents hitting the knuckles against the chopping board.


This Shikisai MIYAKO Santoku is perfect for professional, semi-professional and keen cooks. It's a double edged knife so is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.


180mm blade is a popular size and suitable for daily use.


Good for: Slicing, Carving, Chopping. General purpose

Not Good for: Cleaving




SKU: SM-1054
  • Blade Material: AUS 8 / SUS1A-1

    Full Length: 372mm

    Blade Length: 240mm

    Weight: 193g

    Handle Material: Compressed Laminated Timber

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