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These secateurs are handmade by a well known family run business, Onoyoshi from Hyogo prefecture in Japan who specialise in secateur production.


These experienced blacksmiths complete over 100 steps in the manufacturing of a single pair of secateurs. Due to popularity there is often a long waiting list (sometimes up to 6 months) on their products however at Shogun Tools carry stock on hand in Australia which is ready for immediate shipment.


This pair of secateurs are made of carbon steel is Type B.

Type B secateurs are the standard type used in Japan and have a 'clam' shaped thicker cutting blade. They are suiable for daily gardening and pruning.


Some cheaper secateurs are only hardened on the bevel or edge whereas these secateurs come standard with a fully hardened blade (from the edge to the spine) giving them a more durable cutting performance.


These secateurs can comfortably cut branches up to 18mm.


Each set of secateurs comes with a genuine leather pouch, spare spring and a box. Perfect as a gift for keen gardener.


If you don't need a pouch, select 'No pouch' from option.


The belt clip of our pouch is designed to go under the belt then over the top to greatly reduce the likelihood of your pouch coming off while you are working in a sitting position.

We have youtube video to demonstrate - please watch.


Note: If your secateurs are left wet, or exposed to water then rust may develop. We advise that you wipe down your secateurs and spray with a lubricant such as WD40 or INOX at the end of each day’s use and store in a pouch.